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With the rapid development of the economy, roller blinds have also become a more widely used product in office buildings. Roller blinds are loved by the people for their simplicity and practicality, environmental protection and flame retardant properties.

Next I will provide you with advice on choosing the best roller blinds.

Working principle of chain-control roller blind:

Rolling blinds mainly relies on the upper tube of the production head part of the transmission control roll blinds lift, operation roll blinds mechanism only pull the bead, drive the bead wheel rotation, at this time the torsion spring inside the production head drive the axle wheel and fabric along the scroll rotation and support plate together, so that the roll blinds fabric move up and down. When it reaches the upper stopping point, it stops running, and the same happens at the lower stopping point. After the fabric is all hung down, the whole roller shutter remains vertical due to the gravity of the flat rail and its own gravity.

According to the weight and height requirements of the blinds fabric, you can choose heavy-duty or light-duty head, and configure different specifications of the rolled tube and fabric respectively.

The composition of the roller blinds has three main parts.

1. fabric

2. pipe material

3. roller blinds adapter (commonly known as roller blinds clutch)

The fabric of roller blinds is the most important part of the selection of roller blinds, which affects the beauty and practicality of roller blinds. A good fabric should have the following characteristics.

(1) The material should be flat and not easily deformed.

(2) environmental protection and flame retardant, will not release harmful substances, no obvious odor, and not easy to burn.

(3) high color fastness, long-term sunlight is not easy to fade, discoloration.

(4) suitable opening rate, the opening rate determines the shading performance of the roller blinds, should be selected according to the actual situation (such as the intensity of sunlight, indoor light intensity needs).

In addition, the wear resistance of the fabric, whether waterproof, easy to clean is also very important, which is determined by the material of the roller blinds. Currently more commonly used is a material of sun fabric, mainly made of glass fiber + PVC or polyester fiber + PVC. Among them to the high hardness of the glass fiber as a skeleton, the outer wrapped PVC roller blinds fabric in flatness, flame retardant performance is better, the disadvantage is the higher cost, usually used in large size roller blinds or outdoor roller blinds.
The tube material refers to the roll and the lower beam, commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, iron, PVC, etc. Best blinds should be selected with aluminum alloy

Material roll tube, and according to the weight of the fabric to choose the corresponding pipe thickness.

On the market, there are often used recycled aluminum posing as engineering aluminum, or galvanized iron pipe for the second best. Second-hand recycled aluminum impurities, long-term weight-bearing easily produce deformation, resulting in the roller blinds can not be normal roll-up. Galvanized iron pipe is less hard, easy to rust.

Roller blinds clutch is no less important than the fabric, is the most prone to failure in the blinds system components, but its importance is often ignored by users. The high quality head should have the function of deceleration, which makes the pulling of the roller shutter smoother and more effortless by increasing the transmission stroke. As the blinds in the pulling process will make the internal gears of the head and the roller blinds pulling beads produce a short period of high heat, so the production material of the roller blinds head should be selected wear-resistant, high heat-resistant engineering plastics, such as PA, ABS, POM, etc.

Rollers / Cercis-T Clutch Series 

1.Clutch with extended metal core; high quality German piano wire spring; Great lock strength, more relaxed smooth and durable;

2. Ribs of clutch special design, can be suitable for a variety of pipe diameters and ribs of groove tubes, better versatility;

3.Systematic:this series of roller blind system with six gears include reduction ratio 1:1.5 and without reduction ratio 1:1, included fixed head and rotating head;

4. The clutch without reduction ratio model, with chain mounting holes, simple installation;

5.Three-level springback type idler, convenient and reduce inventory;

6.Brackets 2mm thickness, use strong band steel material.



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